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About us

ALLYSCA Assistance:
What we can do for you.

ALLYSCA Assistance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ERGO Group AG. ALLYSCA Assistance has been successfully supporting people in everyday and emergency situations for 30 years.

The four most important things we do are:

We listen.

We organize.

We understand.

We help.

Our core strength is derived from one thing:
We know people!

  • We put our skills to use far beyond our core assistance unit. We offer our insurance, finance, automotive and industrial clients individual solutions and services covering all types of media-based communication.
  • Our employees are available round the clock. Our network means we’re always right where your customers need us.
  • Providing the best service means stronger customer loyalty for our clients – and higher capacity utilization for our partners thanks to a broad customer base.

The people who are our concern are also customers in your industry.

We have successfully supported people in everyday and emergency situations for 30 years. We know people. We know customers.

Markus KunzeCEO

We’re here for you. Call us on: +49 89 418 64 – 0

We listen. We understand.
We organize. We support.