Offer all your customers the benefits of an automatic emergency call system with additional value-added services: the retrofittable accident reporting plug that uses GPS and mobile networks.

The ‘emergency phone’ 4.0 is a vital first point of contact

Use that all-important first contact with your customers after an accident, and don’t leave vehicle info for OEMs. Safeguard your claims management unit – because the business goes to whoever gets the accident information first.

For your customers, making a claim for damages is the real moment of truth. When handled well, the process can strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are the first point of contact, interacting with customers in your name to create a positive customer experience after an accident and ensure claims are processed quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

Fast help. Anywhere, anytime.
For your customers.

Alongside traditional services like accident and breakdown cover and mobility services, we also offer a wide range of powerful value-added services.

Our accident reporting service

Immediate telephone contact with the driver – automatic or manual voice connection

Receiving the damage report (ET 2 Car Body Damage and ET 3 Breakdown)

Immediate implementation of initial measures, including direct contact with emergency call centres where necessary

Claims processing, account settlement and reporting

Our accident reporting eCall plug services

Logistical services for plug shipping

Registration of app users

24/7 hotline and technical support

Other customized value-added services on request

Digital services to make mobility safer and emergency assistance faster

We listen. We understand.
We organize. We support.