Strengthen customer loyalty and generate new revenue with telematics services that let you personalize your interactions with customers.

Telematics creates customer loyalty:

Inspire your customers with versatile products and services

Telematics products are more attractive when they include comprehensive services. However, the service aspect is still not as central as it technically could be – or as customers want it to be.

According to a Deloitte study, the adoption of telematics in the car insurance industry is currently limited to a discount-based approach: ‘Therefore, looking at telematics from the perspective of value, i.e. services, is a promising approach: because services have the potential to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty, and because the list of possible digital telematics services is currently far from exhausted’.

Multifunctionality brings added value

Alongside traditional services like accident and breakdown cover and mobility services, we also offer a wide range of powerful value-added services.

Emergency call centre for accidents

Notification of emergency services

Accident and breakdown assistance

Provision of replacement vehicles

Damage control

24h technical hotline

Information service

Reminder service

Loyalty programme

Concierge services

More added value for the customer means a more attractive telematics service

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We organize. We support.