Home is a feeling. We cultivate that feeling on your behalf. Just at the moment when quick, uncomplicated help is most needed. All day, every day.

Our service teams and networks are ready for anything

Organization in emergencies

Emergencies are our normal. We work quickly and efficiently to organize tradesman services, for example locksmiths, plumbers or electricians.

Home and tradesman services

It’s not always easy to find a good tradesman. We’ll send the right person for the job, selected from our network of top-quality service providers. It only takes a quick call.

Claims services

Your customers report the damages and we take care of the rest. From organizing repairs or other services to paying service providers and settling the account.

Value-added services

Whether it’s organizing a hotel when a customer’s house is uninhabitable, arranging childcare or a pet sitter, or simple caretaker services, our team of experienced service specialists are here to offer your customers advice and assistance.

Home & Residence Service 4.0

Smart services combine digital solutions with excellent service and individualized added value. For your customers – and for you. Because smart home represents a wealth of new opportunities for insurance. Improve your effective risk and claims management processes and strengthen customer loyalty today.

All the advantages of Smart Home Assistance

with us on the right course

We listen. We understand.
We organize. We support.