Your customers can control their homes with smart home. Anywhere, anytime. You can benefit from integrated smart home solutions too. With emergency assistance and value-added services for increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Design smart services.
With a partner who specializes in high-quality service.


Generate growth

The smart home market is one of the most important growth markets at the moment. By 2025, over 300 million households will own a smart home system. Adapt your business model and add these new networked systems to your services today.


Minimize costs for damages

Smart home systems can avoid or minimize damage claims, with anticipated savings of around 80 million euros. Seize the opportunity.


Use innovations

Improve your risk management and customer relationships with innovative technology and value-added services that focus on your customers’ needs.


Strengthen customer relationships

Emergency services, technical support and on-site services enhance your portfolio and promote stronger customer loyalty in the long term.


Revenue-generating services

In the future, services are going to dominate the smart home market. Provide real added value for your customers – with profitable products like emergency and repair services or device maintenance and warranty services.


A partnership with potential

You need strong partnerships to succeed in the smart home market. Our IT department will help you quickly and reliably implement complex IT platforms involving several different hardware manufacturers.

Profitable services
Sensor-based and other services.


Service & Support

Multi Channel



On-Site Services

Tech Support

Technical Support


Emergency Service


Device/warranty service


Fire/ Gas






Control Systems

Smart Home Assistance

ALLYSCA can help you enter the growing smart home market quickly and easily.

As an experienced assistance service provider, we have innovative solutions and empathetic employees as well as technical expertise and an extensive network of excellent service providers.
We specialize in increasing comfort and security at home.

Powerful network

Our own independent IT systems

High-quality service, all day, every day

Qualified employees

With us on the right course

We listen. We understand.
We organize. We support.