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This year, FOCUS-Money and ServiceValue carried out the first survey on fairness among accident and breakdown cover providers. They asked over 2,700 customers to evaluate 35 providers – including 10 automobile associations and 25 car insurers – in an online survey.

The breakdown assistance industry is well-positioned, according to the study’s conclusions. The results were grouped into six categories for the sake of clarity: fair price-service ratio, fair product management, fair customer support, fair claims management, fair customer communication and fair customer service.

Three of our corporate clients were rated ‘very good’ in the ‘fair customer service’ category thanks to their above-average level of service. Two of them were also ranked among the best overall. We are delighted to be able to congratulate our clients. As a white-label provider, ALLYSCA performs customer service in the name of our clients. So we are delighted to receive positive ratings for availability, quick and reliable responses in all situations and fairness and goodwill when dealing with complaints – the criteria for the study’s ‘fair customer service’ category.