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With the successful launch of the German Insurance Association’s (GDV) automatic emergency call system, ALLYSCA Assistance is now even closer to the customers of German car insurers.

Since April, ALLYSCA has taken over all assistance services relating to the eCall plug on behalf of the NÜRNBERGER Insurance Group – from plug shipping and user registration to claims management. Our comprehensive assistance package also includes a 24/7 hotline and technical support.

ALLYSCA Assistance is the first assistance service provider in Germany to implement technical integration between the GDV’s eCall accident reporting system and its own assistance systems in order to provide comprehensive cover for all situations, including claims management. ALLYSCA is even able to contact emergency call centres directly. Because every second counts in an emergency.

A plug that can save lives.

A little plug and an app make sure that emergency services are now often able to arrive at the accident site more quickly than before. The app automatically makes an emergency call after a traffic accident. The call is immediately accepted by ALLYSCA agents who have been specially trained in dealing with emergencies. They note the details of the accident and organize assistance – including for car body damage, minor damages or breakdowns. In the event of a serious accident, the GDV’s emergency call centre immediately initiates the necessary rescue operation. That means policyholders receive help as quickly as possible, and more lives can be saved. Interested customers can obtain the plug and the app directly from NÜRNBERGER.

A long-lasting partnership based on mutual trust

ALLYSCA Assistance and the NÜRNBURGER Insurance Group have enjoyed a trusting relationship for more than 10 years.  Even before the automatic emergency call system was introduced, car drivers were already the most common NÜRNBURGER customers handled by the ALLYSCA service centre. ‘Our policyholders have always greatly appreciated receiving help quickly after an accident or breakdown. The new accident assistance system is an important additional element that gives our customers the great feeling of having taken the best possible precautions and being assisted as quickly as possible after a minor or serious accident. We offer our customers the service they need – and it saves lives’, explains Michael Hawranek, Project Manager of the ‘eCall Accident Reporting Service’ at NÜRNBURGER.