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As part of ‘Finance Evening 2018’, Finanzen Verlag hosted this year’s ‘Oscars of the financial sector’ in Munich on 02.02.2018. Outstanding achievements in the financial sector were honoured with a GOLDEN BULL in 13 different categories.

The GOLDEN BULL for ‘Insurance Innovation of the Year’ was awarded to Rolf Mertens, Director of Private Clients for Liability and Property Insurance at ERGO Gruppe Deutschland. The ERGO Safe Home package is designed for houses and residences that have been fitted with the Deutsche Telekom Smart Home system. It insures damages caused by fire, smoke, water or break-ins. What makes it unique? ERGO Safe Home actively protects the home.

‘When a smart device detects a threat, it launches an emergency program’, explains Rolf Mertens. ‘ALLYSCA, our tried-and-tested partner for assistance solutions, makes sure that our customers receive fast, proactive help. The situation is dealt with actively even when customers are not at home, and when necessary the program notifies the fire brigade, police or tradesman in order to minimize damages’.


According to the jury, ERGO Safe Home offers a much more far-reaching assistance service package than its competitors. Markus Kunze, CEO of the assistance service provider ALLYSCA, says: ‘We’re proud to be part of this insurance innovation and we offer our warmest congratulations. Services that can be initiated by sensors without needing a response from the customer represent real added value – for our corporate clients as well as for policyholders. The ALLYSCA services integrated into the ERGO Safe Home solution provide active support for ERGO’s digitalization strategy’.