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The ERGO emergency service connects Magenta SmartHome owners directly to an innovative, fully networked emergency assistance system that automatically initiates an emergency response. As part of this new partnership between ERGO and Telekom, ALLYSCA runs the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

‘Magenta SmartHome detects risks in the home at an early stage and sends a warning via smartphone, regardless of where the customer currently is. The ERGO emergency call service ensures our customers receive adequate help when an alarm goes off, even when they’re not at home. That’s huge added value!’ explains Henri Vandré, Smart Home Director at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Markus Kunze, CEO of ALLYSCA, is also delighted with the new partnership: ‘We are pleased to be an important part of this strong cooperative relationship. Smart home technology detects problems early and limits damage with digital help. The automated reporting system means we can help people even when we can’t get in touch with them, and they don’t even know they need help. Our services provide significant added value for customers’.

Magenta SmartHome detects risks in the home at an early stage and sends a warning via smartphone. When users receive an alarm notification, they can contact the ERGO emergency service directly through the app and arrange the necessary next steps. If the user does not respond within the agreed time, the emergency service is automatically notified and ALLYSCA contacts the customer. Emergency response measures are initiated even if the customer cannot be reached. The ERGO emergency service can be purchased in all Telekom shops from September 2017. Customers can also choose to add this coverage to an existing ERGO household contents or homeowners insurance policy.